Benzodiazepine withdrawal story. Through hell and out the other side

I posted a video featuring Matt Samet a while ago: Benzos: a short video — “it really is that bad”. Someone who saw that video and read the story I linked to in the post about his protracted withdrawal illness thought that perhaps he'd never recovered because in those pieces of media his recovery was still in progress. Well he has recovered and he now has a blog at Mad in America. It took him several years to recover. I know a lot of us now for which it takes years. He found ways to cope and grow and use the time he was ill for the best. That too is what I'm learning to do as I remain very ill three years post withdrawal. It's good to hear his story at this juncture.

life conspires to support us

Once the journey of soul recovery is begun in earnest, Life itself conspires to support us. It is up to us to learn to cooperate with it. When we do, we discover a new horizon of joyful possibility ever expanding before us. ~ Ellen Grace O'Brian I'm learning this is true...but it can still be a... Continue Reading →

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