Winter multi squash soup with tahini — #foodie Friday

This is the best squash soup I've made. The key ingredients that made it unique are the tahini and the cardamom. It's rich and delightful. I make lots of butternut and/or pumpkin soups every fall. You can trade out pumpkin or various single winter squashes of your choice for this soup.

Gluten sensitivity in those labeled schizophrenic & bipolar (also implicated in depression & anxiety) #foodie Friday

Gluten sensitivity can manifest with or without gastrointestinal symptoms! This is true for many people, not just those labeled with schizophrenia. I talk about diet and mental health a lot and gluten can be part of the mental health picture for many people whether or not they have a psychiatric diagnosis.

Aromatherapy is being scientifically studied

I've been experimenting with essential oils and having rather wonderful results. I have now used three different blends that help with several issues ranging from getting to sleep to relieving pain. They're rather astonishing, gentle, lovely and healing. I'm excerpting a bit from an article and then sharing other info I've shared before on Beyond... Continue Reading →

The roots of violence (and mental illness too)

In keeping with yesterday's post on spanking here is more about how what we do to our children (as well as what happened to us as children) shapes future generations in a negative fashion unless we become aware and heal and change. Alice Miller was one of the first who identified these problems. Her books on the subject are classics for good reason.

I was spanked, and I turned out OK

"I was spanked, and I turned out OK. What does that even mean?" Stop the cycles of trauma and's up to each and every one of us. We've all been raised in what amounts to an abusive culture. Much trauma is accepted as normal and okay. Awareness of this can help us change and stop passing it down to our children.

Beyond Biological Reductionism Raymond Tallis: Madness Radio

Can people's behavior really be explained by neuroscience and our evolutionary needs as hunter-gatherers -- or is this just a popular fad? Does understanding the brain really solve the mysteries of being human? Neurologist Dr. Raymond Tallis, philosopher, Academy of Medical Sciences Fellow, and author of Why the Mind is Not a Computer and Aping Mankind: Neuromania,... Continue Reading →

Healer heal thyself (to the mental health professional)

I spent about 15 years in social service agencies in the United States as a social worker serving folks with a large spectrum of mental health issues. What I learned is that, as a generalization, most mental health professionals are not comfortable with their own unchartered psyches and therefore, project their fear onto the people they are charged to help. This unconscious habit is a large part of what leads to the incredibly unsuccessful mental health system in our country.

Spirituality and politics (activism) — being in the world (Joanna Macy)

Samsara as the process of waking up. I've thought this before too. Of course, even when you see the world as a trap and posit a fundamental separation between liberation of self and transformation of society, you can still feel a compassionate impulse to help its suffering beings. In that case you tend to view... Continue Reading →

Environmental toxins and poor health: pharmaceuticals are part of the toxic stew we live in

I consider my illness and that of many with protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal syndromes to be one of environmental toxicity...DRUGS and all the crap in the air and food we eat...etc...leading to chronic illness, yes. Pharmaceuticals put me seriously over the edge...but this can happen to people who've not taken massive doses of prescribed neurotoxins... Continue Reading →

Schizophrenic or shamanic experience?

When it comes to understanding the psyche it's often helpful to use many different models. This post includes a video that explores this from a shamanic lens and then a collection of posts that deal with it from a shamanic interpretation or similar.

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