John Grohol on psychiatric drug withdrawal at Psych Central. Join the conversation

John Grohol at Psych Central wrote an article about withdrawal from psych meds in response to an email exchange he and I had in which I encouraged him to cover the very serious issues with psychiatric drug withdrawal...well, the conversation has been started but the severity of the problem has simply not been addressed...for example... Continue Reading →

The evolutionary roots of emotion

Feeling is the motor of life that makes us advance and recoil and what we can observe as physical motion in others we experience as attraction and aversion in ourselves. These are visceral reactions out of which complex feelings emerge and onto which we can impute all sorts of qualities, yet under each particular human feeling, such as hope or despair, there is some kind of movement with a physical expression. The movement might only take place on the face or through breath or muscle tension, but in some way the body moves.

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