Big Pharma: Medicating Our Nation’s Capitol With Big Money

great overview of the influence of big pharma on policy

Big Pharma

Having been a psychiatric nurse for the past 29 years, I have seen medication “trends” come and go. Yes, I did say trends. To me…medication prescribing in the industry has the same trend-like quality as you would see as, for instance, in the fashion industry. Instead of top clothing designers of the day dictating the current fashions of the day, in the world of medicine we see the top medication designers dictating how and what medications should be prescribed by our elite medical community. You may be wondering what I mean by my reference to “medication designers”. What I am specifically alluding to is a reference the leading drug manufacturing companies, aka “Big Pharma,” which have an extreme impact, not just within the medical community, but ultimately on our nation as a whole–down to each individual U.S. citizen.  This is all made possible by the influence Big Pharma has purchased…

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