It gets better: Healing sometimes goes so slowly you don’t know if it’s happening

This collection is intended to help those who are currently dealing with the iatrogenic (medically caused) injury from psych that they might know that we can heal from it all. It is also intended to help educate the masses to the realities that we face. Protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal is real. It's also sometimes gravely disabling. The fact is it's largely denied in the medical community. We are routinely blamed and told that the experience is psychiatric...this leads to more drugging and sometimes forced drugging with the very drugs that have harmed us. This must end. We have no societal support when we are coming through this heinous process either...many people have no familial or community support whatsoever. This is a dangerous reality. Please become educated. And please pass the information along in any way that makes sense, so that those of us struck with this can get the help we need and deserve. … [click on title to read and view more]

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