My forced psychiatric treatment — (standard violent, inhumane “care” for folks in spiritual crisis) — written in 2007

MY FORCED PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT — (standard violent, inhumane “care” for folks in spiritual crisis)  — written in 2007 An old post to revisit: MY FORCED PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENT Update 2016: The last time my nervous system tried to go through what it’s going through now (with the heightened consciousness of having lived a long time), this is what... Continue Reading →

To be or not to be on psych meds

The theme here: Everyone has a reason that makes a lot of sense in the context of their life experience for the positions that they hold about these issues. I suggest we widen our hearts to recognize this fact. And that it’s possible to come to terms with our experience in the context of our lives in such a way we no longer feel the need to try to force others to our point of view because we come to recognize there are many legitimate points of view.

Stay with the darkness

Staying with the darkness allows something to happen that escapes us if we are hasty. If we resist our natural tendency to take flight before painful experiences, we can descend into the dark aspects of the unconscious, which is necessary if we are to make contact with what Goethe calls ‘infinite nature.’ Turning toward such darkness requires a willingness to stay with suffering and to make a descent into the unconscious. …

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