Experiences of hearing voices: analysis in the Lancet

lancetI got an email from one of the authors of this study in the Lancet. This is scholarship carried out by folks some of whom have lived experience which is very exciting.

Nev Jones sent the email to thank me…but really she is thanking the readers of Beyond Meds who responded and took part in this study.

So thank you to all who participated and here is an excerpt and link to what you helped create.

Experiences of hearing voices: analysis of a novel phenomenological survey

This study is, to our knowledge, the largest mixed-methods investigation of auditory hallucination phenomenology so far. Our survey was completed by a diverse sample of people who hear voices with various diagnoses and clinical histories. Our findings both overlap with past large-sample investigations of auditory hallucination and suggest potentially important new findings about the association between acoustic perception and thought, somatic and multisensorial features of auditory hallucinations, and the link between auditory hallucinations and characterological entities. (read the publication here)

More on topic on Beyond Meds: Hearing voices: living and thriving as voice hearers


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