Heart opening meditation and music

I’ve been doing a lot of heart opening work with the heart chakra. This youtube video is really beautiful. It’s string music and I can feel it very powerfully in my heart center. Healing what is often referred to as the “energetic body” has been a very powerful thing for me. I don’t have to understand everything. In fact surrendering to my healing process requires letting go of thinking that I know pretty much anything at all.

Give it a try if the idea resonates with you.


Update: here are two more that both actually have better sound quality than the above one and none of the subliminal (simply unnecessary) nonsense.


Another way to work with opening the heart is with yoga back bends…

Also in my experience working with the vagus nerve helps the heart as well:

In this post I share two songs from my childhood church experience that are also heart opening contemplations really: Lessons the rejected shadow child learned in the Catholic church that she hated

More related:

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