The individual, family and society: Who and what exactly is mentally ill?

Parents who feel comfortable calling their children mentally ill while refusing to take a look at family dynamics are problematic and complicate the healing process for those labeled ill. We need to know that we are part of a web of life and our situation has not happened in a vacuum. We are not defective.... Continue Reading →

Hello self-loathing, my old friend….

By Elisabeth Svanholmer Self-loathing as a belief system Today I did a session on beliefs with a community team and one of the subjects that came up was self-loathing. It can be painful to witness somebody caught in cycles of self-loathing, it’s easy to feel powerless and frustrated and it’s only natural to want to... Continue Reading →

Will these symptoms ever go away? (chronic illness and protracted psych drug withdrawal syndrome)

A question asked: (Withdrawing from psychiatric drugs) caused chronic fatigue, muscle pain, burning skin and brain fog. I NEVER had any of these symptoms prior to meds or during meds. I guess the thing I worry about is if your body can truly heal from these symptoms. Can they go away on their own? Can they go away with time? my answer: We need to learn to listen to and cooperate with our nervous systems...and the way that they dictate. This will be different for everyone and therein lies the challenge. ...

Stories and blogging, sharing and telling

When a non-resonant story is forced upon us (in my case the story that psychiatry & pharma spews everywhere) it's a violence perpetrated. It seems that for some that story is in keeping with their essence-then no violence occurs. Others aren't conscious enough to recognize abuses being perpetrated against them. We are all conditioned with... Continue Reading →

I am woman. Deal with it.

editor's note: She awaits to emerge within us all. By Talya Eidelman For all women. I am woman. Don’t tell me who I am. I have known ever since the world was created. Don’t tell me what to feel or how to behave. I am woman. Don’t try and teach me about the old ways that should have been dead a long time ago. I am woman. Do you know anything about my body? It houses the world and it is the wisest thing on this planet. ...

Joanna Macy on the Shambhala Warrior (Tibetan prophecy for these dark times)

"This is not a war between the good guys and the bad guys but the line between good and evil runs through the landscape of every human heart." More posts inspired by the work of Joanna Macy on this website: Transforming Despair On Staying Sane in a Suicidal Culture The great turning: the shift from industrial... Continue Reading →

Detoxification (which is really about balancing the internal ecosystem): healthy living for body/mind/spirit

We are, in large part, and among many other things, an expression of the ecosystem of our bodies which include bacteria, virus, fungi and other parasites. Successful "detoxification" is really largely about bringing these microorganisms and the rest of our being into balance since most of them cannot be gotten rid of entirely in any case. In many instances we don't want to get rid of them as in the right amount they serve a good function. We are all made up of these things in different ratios by design, really.

The Election: Of Hate, Grief, and a New Story

By Charles Eisenstein first published on his site and offered freely via a creative commons copyright. Thank you, Charles. - Normal is coming unhinged. For the last eight years it has been possible for most people (at least in the relatively privileged classes) to believe that society is sound, that the system, though creaky, basically works, and that the progressive deterioration of everything from ecology to economy is a temporary deviation from the evolutionary imperative of progress.

Understanding and Working With Psychosis (Part II of II)

by Joel Schwartz, PsyD -- First and foremost, if psychosis is indeed a process of growth and reorganization following an initial breakdown, then the primary task of the therapist is not to cure or prevent the psychosis in the person, but accompany them through their transition into something else.

my roots go down (on freedom during a time when so many are enslaved)

By Jen Peer Rich -- This is not a revolution where we ask for equal rights, or we negotiate for freedom within the framework of dualism and dominance, this is a revolution in which freedom is experienced as a living reality, a reality that has simply been overlooked. Freedom is lived tacitly in the psyche. This quality of freedom is unbound, thus, the position of the dominator becomes irrelevant. It becomes forceless.

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