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When a non-resonant story is forced upon us (in my case the story that psychiatry & pharma spews everywhere) it’s a violence perpetrated. It seems that for some that story is in keeping with their essence-then no violence occurs. Others aren’t conscious enough to recognize abuses being perpetrated against them. We are all conditioned with beliefs and stories that violate our internal knowing. Coming to awareness involves shedding all of them… Some stories are utilitarian for a time — those are resonant stories — we learn, we grow by using resonant stories. As we grow and heal we can learn to retell stories, reframe and shed limiting stories. Until we are simply here responding to what happens now.

This is a story.



When we are healthy hyper-vigilance becomes simple vigilance. We are ready for both great love and great danger simultaneously. The most profound spiritual experience happens right now here in the body. This is it — there are no multi dimensions we are only this now.

Vigilance, here, meaning simply *profound presence* — attuned to this moment now as all there is.


Healing, among many things, requires a lot of patience — a lot of wu wei in fact. The art of doing nothing.


I keep trying to quit blogging and then I can’t. I just can’t because I continue to get more and more understanding of what is happening in this country to those labeled by psychiatry. I continue to develop deeper understanding about the profoundly holistic nature of our being and our intricate interconnectedness. And then I find that I cannot be silent. So my work evolves and my relationship to this work changes too, and yet I still need to use this medium and share because what I know needs to be understood. We need to stop harming each other in the false name of medicine. We need to come to understand our nature and support it so that we can actually heal. I now know how it’s done. It’s not that hard actually. People just don’t believe us and there isn’t enough people nor places to go for real understanding that allows for profound healing that is the inheritance of every human being.

We need to continue working towards developing an infrastructure of care that can give people what they really need. So I continue to share what I know is possible. It will continue to change and shape-shift…as I continue to become what I am in this world of mystery and possibility.

For now I simply share musings like these on occasion as well as even more occasional longer articles. I finally wrote a long article this year. It was the first one. If you missed it, this is it: Detoxification (which is really about balancing the internal ecosystem): healthy living for body/mind/spirit


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