Mindfulness in trauma flow

There is a concept of “flow” …or stream entry in Buddhism…when we are moving along with the energetics of NOW…we are in the moment and not burdened by future or past. It is the natural state of *being here now*. (to use Ram Dass’s terminology)

I’m proposing (because I’ve experienced it) a sort of flow that is entered from trauma patterns too and then its the energetic of a painful past that starts moving through us taking us away from the moment…it sometimes needs to be entered in order to watch, witness and release. It’s not always pretty. The thing is we can witness it from this place, here now, and sort of be in two places at once. Here now watching ourselves and with the flow from our past, both.

When a *trauma* flow begins we simply need to watch and keep ourselves as safe as possible. If we are conscious of what is happening while it’s happening we can be the witness of our own selves in order to release  the pattern and thus move towards healing.

This is a process and as we become more skillful we can simply sit with it and do nothing rather than enter behaviors that might pull us into drama.  We can sit with the pain and triggers and letting them flow in our bodies — we watch and allow and let go.

Before that skill arises we may involve ourselves in some drama. That is okay. Watch and learn. We become more skillful the more we mindfully stay with all that arises.

Trauma flow:  an energetic of the past “intruding” upon now …so at some point, since it is what is happening now it’s also the present…therefore honoring it completely as it is re-occuring is the only way to fully come into the present.

This is in essence a practice of mindfulness.

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