SSRIs cause bacteria resistance

there is so much supporting evidence about what I’m saying about tardive dyskinesia, psych meds and systemic infections….. this is the latest… in Nature magazine: How antidepressants help bacteria resist antibiotics!!

if you don’t know what I’m taking about see:

Tardive Dyskinesia, Chronic Lyme Disease, and Infection – Mad In America 

I’ve been writing about it for a while. Here are my other articles on Tardive Dyskinesia this site


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4 thoughts on “SSRIs cause bacteria resistance

  1. Hi Monica,

    Long time reader here, first to say thank you for your courage and strength in navigating the corruption in the industry. I’m very concerned about the systemic infection piece of ssri wd, as it is something I’ve witnessed and wondering how you approach healing the infections without antibiotics. Have you ever tried fasting and ketosis or is it mainly anti microbial herbs?

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    1. I’ve done everything including fasting and ketosis. Recently I did a round of antibiotics and antiparasitics because I have late stage Lyme disease. They were helpful but I did them my own way doctors would have you be on them for literally years I was on them a couple months. I’ve had to continue with herbals and other lifestyle modifications. I remain very ill and have gross systemic infections. You can read about the stuff I wrote about lyme Etc. I do think that lyme is a distraction from other systemic infections which may or may not include lyme per se. That’s a whole other article that I may write eventually. Good luck I know this is horribly scary and it’s also rampant and unacknowledged.


      1. Thanks you for sharing more. You are more knowledgeable than most doctors who have no clue about protracted withdrawals or TD. I am sorry you are still ill and battling the infection. I am assuming you did not have much luck with fasting/ketosis? My hope was that with getting the cells and mitochondria into a state of autophagy, the body could cleanse the damaged cells and bacteria out. (Anecdotally I have seen this be helpful in cases of neurological symptoms after a v injury) I also understand there is no magic bullet with the complexities of co-occurring infection. You are a pioneer and I value your writings. I only wish you didn’t have to suffer so tremendously to be able to share these truths. 💛


        1. I actually suspect that I create states of autophagy while eating with certain supplementation it’s only a suspicion since I don’t know but it sure feels like it. My infection is just everywhere and TD is a very specific strange snake like monster. I think it’s actually related to the Kundalini phenomena in that the snake sensation is quite acute. The body is clearly doing its damndest to heal.


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