Diagnosis and such…

This is how I deal with the mystery of my body these days…

Part of learning to listen to the body has depended on my employing the witness position of my own experience. That’s meant that the below practice of not believing I know anything has been my modus operandi.

I’ve had numerous chronic conditions that are often diagnosed as a myriad of various auto-immune and other disorders or diseases. I deal with all of it as part of my holistic body needs. I don’t think of it in terms of diagnosis — I respond to my body which is a beautiful and wondrous if also choatic and painful WHOLE. Western medicine chops the body up while in fact the body is a a system…not only unto itself but connected to it’s environment and the universe too.

It’s not my experience that conventional diagnosis is necessary nor helpful. It has in fact caused me problems repeatedly as MDs and other “healers” have tried to impose their dogmatic systems upon my innocent body. Neither ayurveda or chinese medicine use diagnosis like Western medicine does. That’s not to say they don’t do their share of dogmatic crap too. They do, but it’s a wee bit easier to find practitioners that are willing to do as I do and stand back a bit and watch and let the body lead.

I still employ the language of humans when it comes in handy, which includes diagnosis, in order that I might be understood. It’s a challenge to have a life threatening condition and not be able to name it. People want to think they understand and a simple word (called diagnosis) gives them the mistaken impression that they do. The body is far more mysterious than any name we can give pieces of what it’s up to.


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