The latest dish on the journey beyond meds

So what’s happening in my journey lately? I’m finding it harder and harder to share as the issues become subtler and more personal simultaneously. I am trying to find the right person/people to help me on my journey. I already have several key players in place. Some have been in place a long time. My […]

Mood-stabilizers get FDA suicide warning

This came up months ago but has been more seriously followed up on. As Philip says on Furious Seasons it’s unclear if this is to be a “black box” warning yet, the most serious of warnings on pharmaceuticals. These are the “mood-stabilizers” that were first created as anti-convulsants. “The risk of suicidal thoughts or behavior […]

Lamictal (lamotrigine) no better than placebo

The Last Psychiatrist (I couldn’t find the post) has spoken about this before and now CL Psych really gives us the dish: GlaxoSmithKline, manufacturer of lamotrigine (Lamictal), the antiepileptic drug used widely for bipolar disorder, happily hid clinical trial results which found Lamictal was no better than a placebo. Given recent findings about how often […]

Yes, recovery can be lasting and real

Part of the reason some people are so skeptical about real and complete recoveries is because a lot of people who achieve it move on. The don’t hang around the mental health blogosphere and most of them don’t go into working in mental health like I probably will. Most of them go off and live […]

Moving towards wellness

Well, I’ve talked about how the Klonopin (clonazepam) seems to be making me sick at this point and that theory seems to be holding up. It was also that theory that had my last doctor have me recklessly cold-turkey a couple of months ago. The thing is she wasn’t all wrong. I am toxic on […]