herbalism/dietary tip: learning to listen to the body

Learning about how to listen to the body takes time. Small things we can start paying attention to help.


It’s best when we can taste our medicine which is one fundamentally critical difference from pharma. Herbs and food have taste that prepare the body for what is coming. And as we pay attention over time the tastes start communicating information about our body in this moment.

Medicine/food/herbs taste different depending on the condition of our body and the environment etc. Taste is part of what helps us determine if a food or herb is appropriate at this moment. If our pallets are used to lots of chemicals in food  (or if we’ve taken pharmaceuticals for a long time) then it takes time to learn to hear the body and respond.

To begin to mindfully attend to our food, diet and herbal medicine, simply pay attention to yourself while you’re eating and drinking. That’s all. Get into the somatic, sensory experience of having a meal. Taste it. Feel it (texture, temperature etc), Notice if your body starts to feel differently.  Have fun. Enjoy your food.  Over time you will notice all sorts of things. Paying attention to what you’re doing right now is meditation. Eat, meditate. Be well.

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