Psychotropics bad for bones, cause bone loss

This was scheduled to simply be part of one of my news round-ups, but it’s so important and seems to be new information about a particular way these drugs wreak havoc on our bodies. I was on every one of these classes of drugs for many years and I know that I have, indeed suffered bone loss as I’ve been tested.

There are proactive things one can do, non-pharmacologically, to support ones bones. Vitamin D, calcium and magnesium are all important nutrients to look at. Exercise is critical too. Pharmaceutical answers tend not to be answers at all. The osteoporosis drugs are proving extremely dangerous.

Many Psychotropic Medications May Be Bad for Bones — MedScape — FREE REGISTRATION

Psychotropic agents have been linked to fractures and antidepressants have been associated with low bone mineral density (BMD). Studies presented at this meeting validate these earlier findings and suggest that many patients may already be at high risk for bone disease. In a large study from Canada, osteoporosis was found to be associated with the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), mood stabilizers other than lithium, and benzodiazepines. read the rest here

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