Interview on Madness Radio

Will Hall interviewed me for Madness Radio in early December 2008. It’s available right here:

The interview deals with my experience being a psychiatric survivor and takes a look at the work I’ve been doing with this blog.

Since December a few things have happened. I am indeed, now, completely housebound. I can no longer drive. I remain sane and stable mentally but am grossly physically disabled. I do trust that in time I will recover some of my physical health and wellbeing if not all of it.

Madness Radio is a wonderful radio program. Will Hall has interviewed some of the people who in my life and reality are the most inspirational human beings on the planet doing the work that I am most passionate about. I’m deeply honored to be among the people he has chosen to interview. I’ve often posted interviews from Madness Radio on this site and I encourage people to visit the archives there and listen to even more awesome interviews.

I want to thank Will Hall for this opportunity. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to share with this additional medium.

In case time is an issue the interview is actually only 46 minutes not 56 as marked on the page.

For information and resources to learn how to withdraw more safely visit my about page.

This interview does not get into details about how to more safely withdraw. If anyone is interested in learning there are books, articles and websites that can help guide you. But, the bottom line, is no one truly knows the full extent of what these drugs do to us. Please be careful and know that you are responsible for your own choices. I speak only from my experience.

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