Suicidal ideation gone…for a long time now

Something that comes up quite often in discussions with my friends and readers who have been on meds and have come off of them is how many of the “psychiatric” symptoms they were being “treated” for disappear upon discontinuation of the medications. This is widely known and experienced among those of us who have decided […]

Involuntary mental health “treatment” = torture

I can agree that all the treatment I received involuntarily was indeed torture. From The Diamond Valley Leader a piece about Tina Minkowitz who works tirelessly for our rights: IF someone decides not to have chemotherapy in Victoria; that’s their choice. If they want to opt out of an organ transplant, or forego taking daily […]

The manifesto of a noncompliant mental patient

This is a beautiful piece. Please read! Submitted and authored by Aubrey Ellen Shomo I see it everywhere: People with mental illness need medication. It sounds reasonable. Today, there are even political organizations that seek to make it easy to force a person to take it. It’s easy to look at another and assume things […]

The 39 psychotropic drugs I’ve taken

It’s potentially dangerous to come off psychiatric drugs rapidly. For guidance in safer withdrawal methods see here. You think maybe something wasn’t quite right? This journey started the summer of 1985 and is about to end this summer of 2009. I have been withdrawing the past 5 years. Nothing ever did work and in retrospect […]

Coercion in Psychiatry

I have been blessed lately with multiple submissions. Today Mary Maddock of Ireland’s MindFreedom, author of Soul Survivor submits a piece. By Mary Maddock Coercion in Psychiatry You would think people who study medicine would see that a young woman who had a difficult pregnancy, a very long labour, deprived of sleep and who had […]