New Tool To Improve Patient Understanding Of Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotic Therapies

How about “New Tool to Manipulate and Coerce People to Take Meds Against Their Will??”
I have no problem calling this bullshit.

But if someone wants to take a drug? Who the hell are we to question that??

From Medical News Today:

A new instrument for improving patient understanding and acceptance of long-acting injectable antipsychotic therapy (LAT) has been published in the April edition of Psychiatry 2009.1 This novel, psychosocial approach encompasses Goal setting, Action planning, Initiating treatment, and Nurturing motivation (GAIN) through the use of a clinical discussion tool.

Nonadherence to oral antipsychotic medications is one of the most significant clinical challenges in psychiatry and behavioral medicine, with rates of nonadherence estimated to be as high as 50 and 75 percent in the first and second years of treatment.2,3 Despite evidence suggesting that continuous antipsychotic treatment is more effective than interrupted treatment, and the fact that LAT is strongly recommended in many cases4, the prescription of LAT remains low in the United States. GAIN was developed to assist physicians and other clinicians by providing them with an effective approach to engage patients in a discussion of the consideration of LAT and in overcoming any related barriers.

“Long acting injectable therapies have typically been reserved for the most difficult patients where nonadherence to medication has been identified as a primary obstacle, usually because of repeated relapses. Utilizing long-acting therapies administered by a healthcare professional more widely has an advantage over daily oral formulations in that healthcare professionals will know when their patients are not taking their medications before the consequences of nonadherence occur. Early intervention may well prevent relapse,” said Nina R. Schooler, Ph.D. Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences at State University of New York Downstate Medical Center. “However, it is often difficult for clinicians to discuss injectable medications with patients because of reluctance to take injections and stigma. With GAIN, we now have an effective tool to use in approaching a recommendation and have the possibility to help more patients with schizophrenia as we work together to control their symptoms.”

This is messed up to say the least. Some people work real hard trying to figure out how to break people’s will.

7 thoughts on “New Tool To Improve Patient Understanding Of Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotic Therapies

  1. I’m not comfortable with any long-acting injectables or IV drugs for any condition, not just psych meds. My mother had a poor reaction to an osteoporosis drug, and had she elected to get the once-a-year infusion, she would have suffered the consequences for that extended period vs. the washout for the limited dose she *had* taken. Once you’ve subjected your body to whatever it is, you’re then stuck for the long term. And if something comes up in the interim that would normally have indicated a halt in whatever therapy it is, well … you then don’t have the option anymore b/c you’re drugged up for whatever “long-term” a given drug persists. Bad deal all around, though I understand how it could be considered a plus in some circumstances.


  2. I’ve been fantasizing about going to medical school…but when I started to do it seriously I realized they would never give me a license because I would refuse to practice “the standard of care” in most fields…not just psychiatry!!!

    I’d never get through an internship let alone a residency…

    drugs are abused in just about every area of medicine these days.

    oh well….


  3. Wow, just wow. Honestly, if the drugs really worked, and made us feel good, and helped our health, don’t you think most of us would be lining up to take them? But no, it’s not the crappy drugs that are the problem. It’s us darned non-compliant patients.

    I’m getting the feeling I need to get a degree in Neurology to fight this with the credibility I want to have.


  4. Welcome home, Gianna. I am so glad you’re reading this in your own house, safe and sound. Get some rest and let us know how you are – when you’re ready.



  5. “Non-adherence is one of the most significant ‘clinical’ challenges of psychiatry?”

    I find that statement provocative to say the least and it spanks of eugenics. I have willingly taken medication when in extreme states, which has been a grand total of two times, I am 37 years old. The duration of sedation including withdrawal for both instances probably hovers around an average of two years. Curse the person who would ever dare to inject me with a long acting medication against my will, or to claim it as a hurdle in their job description.


  6. These people are very dangerous indeed, and I am not talking bout the so-called ‘mentally ill’!!!

    We need to really stop these people from abusing others. Yes they are a mutli-billion industry, but it needs all of us to speak out against this evil

    Mental illness is a myth, and they have created it via lots of money and power. But more and more people are seeing through their vile enterprise. They are criminals and should face justice!


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