Endometriosis? Mine responded to natural care.

Today, I no longer suffer from endometriosis symptoms and have not for a few years. I found natural ways to treat it...it's essentially GONE. … [click on title to read and view more]

It’s moments like these that keep me going

I have very bad hormonal problems and I have endometriosis too. This post explains what endometriosis is if you don't know. In any case it's can be excruciatingly painful. I did have the pain completely under control with the help of a acupuncturist. I was pain free for about 5 months as she treated me.... Continue Reading →

Bottled Drinking Water Contaminated With Potent Estrogen—and this can effect especially women with PMS like symptoms!!

I don't eat soy because it has lots of estrogen. I also don't eat conventional veggies in part because pesticides too contain xenoestrogens. I've also known for a long time that plastic bottles leach estrogens but I have NOT cut out plastic bottles of water. It's time I do. Lifestyle changes take time and this... Continue Reading →

Some good news, some disheartening news…

After a life of excruciating pain whenever I menstruated I have found an acupuncturist who has apparently healed me. After two weeks of acupuncture last month I had virtually no pain and didn't even think it might be the acupuncturist. I simply thought it was some sort of odd reprieve. But when I saw her... Continue Reading →

What is Endometriosis…

Update: 2013. The below post is from 2007. I've since healed (functionally cured) my endometriosis: Endometriosis? Mine responded to natural care. Here I email the MD who mocked me when I refused her “care”The real disease I deal with.  I thought some of you might like to know more as most people don't know what it is.... Continue Reading →

Gianna’s healing adventure

There's been another shift in my well-being. It is often said that recovery is not linear and I'm proof of that. I've had a small downturn, but I don't expect it to last and right now I already still feel better than I did for the last year in any case. I had fifteen days... Continue Reading →

Recovery in process

I'm completely uninspired today and can't think of anything to write. I've been mining the internet and have also found nothing to post about. Just want to take a quick second to say that I've been daring to think that I feel "normal" most of the time now. I'm not grossly physically ill anymore. I'm... Continue Reading →

Arrival of the parental unit

Talk about bad timing. I got my period about two hours before my mom arrived. Granted, I knew I would be premenstrual and menstrual while she was here, what I didn't expect is that this is the worst period I've had since January. As most of you know if you've been reading my blog for... Continue Reading →

Pain—emotional or physical

I've talked on a number of occasions about having endometriosis. Every month after dealing with severe PMS I am then relieved of that with severe pain. I have been blessed recently to find that taking an amino acid, D-Phenylalanine helps reduce the pain considerably. It helps make endorphins and allows me to take much less... Continue Reading →

Pain and suffering: a contemplative perspective

I was called to my brothers side on August the 28th. I had ovulated two days earlier. I got my period on Tuesay the 11th two days ago. My PMS goes a day or two into my period (a thing I read is often quite normal.) Today is my first PMS free day since this... Continue Reading →

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