Recovery in process

I’m completely uninspired today and can’t think of anything to write. I’ve been mining the internet and have also found nothing to post about.

Just want to take a quick second to say that I’ve been daring to think that I feel “normal” most of the time now. I’m not grossly physically ill anymore. I’m daring to think I can start making plans again and not have to cancel because I’m too sick.

It’s pretty awesome.

I will still get sick when I get my period. No avoiding that. The endometriosis will kick my butt each month. And my PMS is hard to deal with—I do indeed get moody and out of sorts a couple of weeks a month. That may change as I continue to heal with the nutritional guidance I’m getting from my doctor. And if not with this doctor and during my continued psychiatric drug withdrawal (drugs mess with hormones) I will seek help from a Chinese Medicine Practitioner in the future. I do trust they can heal me as I’ve seen them help many with hormonal issues.

In any case, I can drive again and do almost everything I could do before I started withdrawing. And it seems except for when I am struck with the pain of endometriosis I can do it all month long.

I am still extremely sensitive to stressors, I still have extreme noise and light sensitivity. I still get nasty headaches.

My withdrawals are not over—but I’m starting to trust that with the help of this doctor the long withstanding nightmare of total physical debilitation is indeed over.

Now I can concentrate on meditation and healing my soul. My body is decently healthy again. Of course I have to get it back in shape. Being immobilized has taken it’s toll.

I’ve been walking again and will start yoga and Qi Gong—all things I’ve done a bit of but been too sick to practice for a long while now. I have several DVD’s that will help me get going again with these practices.

By fall I want to be doing my three hour hikes again! God, I miss walking in the forest.

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  1. Gianna,

    You keep going!!!

    You’re gonna get stronger – and stronger, and stronger!!!

    You’ll take those three-hour walks in the forest again. In fact, you’ll do anything you set your mind to do – as you continue to recover….

    Stay centered – stay focused – stay well!!!

    Always in my prayers,


  2. Gianna–
    It is wonderful that you are able to do “normal” things! This doctor of yours sounds fantastic. I’m so glad you found her. Here’s to three hour hikes in the mountains/woods!

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