The Politics of Trauma

"I know this may sound strange but so often what we are reacting to is not being able to tolerate what is happening in our own sensations, emotions and experiences. We react to get rid of the feeling, to push away the sensations, because they are associated with something intolerable, painful and uneasy."

“PTSD” is not a disorder…it’s seeing beyond the veil and being horrified by what we see

When the horror of what the human condition really is becomes obvious (a brutally brainwashed majority that brutally harms one another) ... coming into balance with that darkness that is in every one of us takes some time and we also become DANGEROUS to the status quo, so while we are learning to integrate and contain this knowledge we become additionally vulnerable and at risk for harm. ...

Integrating Personal and Social Transformation and Healing Sex

Staci Haines mentions straddling two worlds...that's a very familiar position for me...perhaps, though, I straddle several worlds including the ones she mentions.

I'm finding the concept of spiritual activism a very important one these days and that it must integrate both the social and the personal is of vital importance. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Healing Sex, Staci Haines: Madness Radio

Childhood sexual abuse is pervasive in our society, leaving lifelong wounds that affect men as well as women. Is it enough to hold perpetrators accountable, or are there deeper causes of abuse? Do police, courts, and child protection services help heal -- or lead to more trauma? And how can body-oriented approaches move beyond the... Continue Reading →

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