“PTSD” is not a disorder…it’s seeing beyond the veil and being horrified by what we see

Below are some tweets I’ve strung together. Was having an amazing conversation with a new friend on twitter today. This arose in response to our trading the horror stories that brought us to awakening.


(PTSD is not a disorder…it’s seeing beyond the veil and being horrified by what we discover)

When the horror of what the human condition really is becomes obvious (a brutally brainwashed majority that brutally harms one another) … coming into balance with that darkness that is in every one of us takes some time and we also become DANGEROUS to the status quo, so while we are learning to integrate and contain this knowledge we become additionally vulnerable and at risk for harm.

we can however move beyond this place of risk…but we also, simply, do not all manage to do that…

while we are, indeed, brutally hurtful and ugly creatures when we remain conditioned, the opposite is also true. We are capable of pure love. healing is that movement into pure love.

Truth comes to awareness only when I meet my deepest fears in love.

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4 thoughts on ““PTSD” is not a disorder…it’s seeing beyond the veil and being horrified by what we see

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  1. how true, I am still horrified at the meanness, hate, rejection and deceit of my Christian family. It has taken me years to realize that there was no Christian love there. As for me, I no longer turn my other cheek in the face of evil, I turn on my heal. Oh! how many waster years to actually process that it was not my badness, it was their evil which was clothed in fake religious piety.


  2. Love and hugs to you Warrior Woman! Your thoughts and research have supported my past 2 year recovery after 35 years of addiction to Ativan.
    Hope you know the broad effect of your bravery.❤️❤️❤️

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