Integrating Personal and Social Transformation and Healing Sex

Staci Haines mentions straddling two worlds…that’s a very familiar position for me…perhaps, though, I straddle several worlds including the ones she mentions.

I’m finding the concept of spiritual activism a very important one these days and that it must integrate both the social and the personal is of vital importance.

Staci Haines, Integrating Personal and Social Transformation from on Vimeo.

healing_sex_tnIn this presentation Staci Haines explores the challenges for integration of personal, community and social transformation. She introduces Pachamama Alliance community to somatics, a powerful approach to change integrating mind and body, our deepest values and an understanding of the social context in which we live.

“We have inherited values and habits on an individual and collective level that don’t necessarily align with our visions for the future. Modern neuroscience shows us that these habits don’t change through new ideas alone, but can be transformed through holistic approaches which address the conscious and unconscious mind, the individual and collective practices. Somatics uses principles and practices from Aikido, ontology, systems change and meditation, and is grounded in neuroscience research. How do our new ideas become new actions and ways of being? How does this happen individually and collectively? “

Staci is the founder of  Generation Five and nationally known in her work in the field of somatics. She specializes in bringing this work to social and environmental justice movements, cultivating social leadership and addressing the transformation of individual and collective trauma. She is an author and has a DVD highlighting somatics in healing trauma, and trains somatics with individual leaders, organizations and movement sectors. Staci and a core team have developed the national Somatics and Social Justice Collaborative which launches in 2009.

Book by Staci Haines:

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