Healing Sex, Staci Haines: Madness Radio

Childhood sexual abuse is pervasive in our society, leaving lifelong wounds that affect men as well as women. Is it enough to hold perpetrators accountable, or are there deeper causes of abuse? Do police, courts, and child protection services help heal — or lead to more trauma? And how can body-oriented approaches move beyond the limits of talk therapy? Child sexual abuse survivor Staci Haines, author of Healing Sex: A Mind-Body Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma and co-founder of Generation Five, discusses transformative justice and liberating society from child abuse.

Listen here:

To download this interview visit: Madness Radio

More about Staci’s work:

●  Generation Five: end sexual abuse within 5 generations

●  Generative Somatics: Somatic transformation and social justice

●  Integrating Personal and Social Transformation (on vimeo)

●  From sexual trauma to healing sex / Author Staci Haines opens up to Violet Blue about sexual healing after incest, rape or abuse

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