The path of conscious awareness is no bed of roses

The path of conscious awareness is no bed of roses… It is difficult for everybody; that is something we have to face. We may not always be willing to receive the kindness that is there; we cannot always experience what happens in our practice as compassion. When we are in the middle of learning a hard lesson about our own selfishness or arrogance, it does not feel like compassion. Having an attachment ripped from deep in our being does not feel kind. Yet when it is gone, when the wound is healing, we can see that the process was one of pure compassion.  – Cheri Huber

A common misunderstanding about meditation, too is that it’s all “bliss and roses.” I speak to this romanticization about meditation often. I will in fact cut and paste the resource page on this topic right here because it’s important.

Meditation, not all bliss and roses

A very common misunderstanding about meditation that can lead to discouragement is that it’s supposed to be all bliss and roses. That is simply not the case on the ground, so to speak. Sometimes meditation is about being with the dark and ugly and anxious parts of our being too. Meditation is about being with the whole spectrum of human psyche and emotion. We cannot know ourselves without becoming intimate with those parts too. That means it’s just not always fun or peaceful or calm to practice meditation. Though it can lead to all those things in time. It can help us learn to live more skillfully in general.

I’ve collected posts that look at this side of meditation as there are both risks and benefits to understanding the full spectrum of our minds through practice. It’s good to be aware of all that is possible on the journey:

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