Encouraging people to make healthy life supporting choices is not the same as blaming them for illness

I woke up thinking about this…

Yesterday I found myself on a website that claimed to offer inspiration about healing from a variety of illnesses. The post I read said that people earned their health. If you are ill you earned it and if you are healthy you earned it too said this website.

This kind of thinking is misguided at best and potentially quite harmful. Blaming sick people for being sick  is an attitude only the very privileged can have and it’s a delusion even for them. We all get sick and die eventually. And there are many things outside of our control. We cannot individually control environmental toxins for example. These affect everyone regardless of who they are. Children and poor people do not choose to be born in circumstances where good food and general safety is not available either.

Supporting people to make healthy life supporting choices is not the same as blaming them for illness. And it’s ridiculous to deny that there are many things (most of us) can do to improve our wellbeing and our experience on this planet for the short time while we’re on it even as it’s ridiculous to deny that we will ALL get sick and DIE one day. That time is different for everyone.

The fact that options for supporting ones health are not equally available to everyone for a myriad of reasons (including educational, financial, emotional etc) as well as the fact that regardless of how one supports their health people will still get sick (and die) means that blaming one for their health is always wrong.

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