Radical Acceptance is one of the most challenging and liberating of practices

Sensations are always changing and moving. When we interrupt and constrict their natural process of unfolding and transformation by resisting them or trying to hold onto them, by tightening against them in our body or telling ourselves stories, it’s like damming up or diverting the course of a river. It’s easy to let the river flow when sensations are pleasant. But when they’re not, when we’re in emotional or physical pain, we contract, pull away. Seeing this and learning how to meet pain with Radical Acceptance is one of the most challenging and liberating of practices.  ~ Tara BrachRadical Acceptance

Those of us with withdrawal syndromes often have multiple odd, overwhelming and painful physical sensations going on at one time. Since the height of this illness I’ve practiced the above form of meditation. To accept that which I could not change…my drug-injured body in this moment. Even while I do all I can to heal, I must live this painful moment. Early on I would practice by being with the hellish conditions for a minute. Two minutes, three.  I must say, it’s still a practice as these phenomena still regularly take me to my knees. Illness is a harsh but effective teacher.

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I found both the below book and guided meditations greatly inspiring. These are excellent introductory materials that can apply to anyone regardless of whether one is drawn to Buddhism. Tara Brach is also a psychologist and draws from her practice when sharing her thoughts in the book.

●  Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha (paperback)

●  Radical Acceptance: Guided Meditations (audio CD)

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