Campaign for real change in mental health policy – (TODAY) DAY OF ACTION October 7

TODAY — From the Campaign for real change in mental health policy

On Wednesday, October 7, 2015, we invite you to participate in our day of action. We encourage you to call, write, or Tweet to your members of Congress and let them know that the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act is bad for America. …[click on title to read the rest]


Chemical imbalance myth takes a big public fall

Update 2015 for MEDICATED AND MIGHTY campaign: I have a lot of mixed feelings when I scan over all the tweets in the #MedicatedAndMighty timeline on twitter. I really don’t have an issue with folks choosing psych drugs if that’s what makes sense in the context of their lives. The fact is our world is far from perfect and given the fact that more optimal options are simply unavailable to a lot of people there are undeniably times with psych drugs actually are experienced as helpful. So given this bleak reality what I want to do is, at the very least, help people understand what they are choosing so that if and when circumstances allow they can make better more wholesome choices that will sustain their wellbeing into the future. .… [click on title to read the rest]


On therapy

Many therapists have not emancipated themselves from their training and think they are there to fix you. They are potentially dangerous. Trust yourself. If your therapist doesn’t encourage you to trust yourself, do not trust them.

I have certainly found meaningful support only from those who treat me as an equal. … [click on title to read more]


Show Yourself

Mystical loveliness. I’ve shared Ayla Nereo’s music before. See: Life Bound Friend

My favorite lyrics from this song are:

I release you. I receive you.
I release you. I receive you.


I do not show this skin for you
I show myself to know myself
I show it for the Earth from which I came
my prayer is for you to do the same … [click on title to see more and listen too]



By Jen Peer Rich
Where is violence, really? In the heart of a mad gunman? In the heart of a woman who intentionally blinds herself with chemicals? In the heart of a presidential candidate who takes pride in sensationalizing human suffering?
Who is really violent here?
Maybe it’s me. … [click on title to read the rest of the post]


Ashes and snow

Gregory Colbert’s Ashes and Snow feature film captures extraordinary moments of contact between people and animals as seen through the lens of the artist’s camera on more than thirty expeditions to some of the earth’s most remote places. … [click on link to view post]


Crazywise the film

As you know, CRAZYWISE documents a major paradigm shift in the way Western culture defines and treats a mental health crisis. Our film is riding the wave of a rapidly growing community members demanding more choices for recovery. … [click on title to view post and watch video]


No, I was not #MedicatedAndMighty but I sure as heck was medicated

The point is not to compete but to make clear that all our voices matter whether we find ourselves needing drugs or not. Being pragmatic and recognizing that the context of every life is unique is the most important thing. Diversity is real. It’s about learning to understand that we can have what seem to be contradictory experiences and both be legit
#MedicatedAndMighty or not. Yes, diversity is real…it’s not about whose experience is right or wrong… One persons medicine is another’s poison. It’s clear that people have experience of being helped by and harmed by drugs both. — Because of the twitter hashtag that is now popular. – People don’t need to be ashamed of being on psych drugs…but the fact is those of us who seek to come off are met with far more resistance by the establishment and we find that doctors don’t even know how to help us come off. This is a tragedy for many thousands of people. **Everyone deserves to be heard.** — Also because it keeps coming up again and again. I have said, and I mean it, there is nothing wrong with being fat if healthy. I was not healthy. I had metabolic syndrome. Most psych drugs can be associated with causing metabolic syndromes in people who were previously healthy. Metabolic syndrome causes diabetes and heart disease and often kills people. This is serious. It’s something people should understand when they are considering psych drugs. … [click on title to read more]

what is your story question

Story telling as means for transformative growth

I practice not attaching to belief…that includes the stories I make up to explain and interpret my life. So I stand by my first statement. I think that it’s all made-up, yes. That is what we do as human beings. This is not to delegitimize or minimize the importance of story-telling…in fact I think it underscores the importance. The reason I think knowing that we make up our stories is important is that it’s in reframing (retelling) our stories that we grow and transform…if we really believed our stories we might stay stuck in hell…(those of us who’ve been there anyway.)

“Those who do not have power over the story that dominates their lives, the power to retell it, rethink it, deconstruct it, joke about it, and change it as times change, truly are powerless.” — Salman Rushdie … [click on title to read the rest of the post]


Suicide prevention month. Learn to listen to and love those with these impulses.

I’m reposting the below info because today is the last day of suicide prevention month. I have seen far too many people in the care of social services and standard mental health care grossly retraumatized rather than helped when feeling their most vulnerable because people do not understand these loving, accepting and healing approaches. They are based in deep trust for the process of the individual who presents themselves in front of you. Listen. Love. … [click on title to read the post]


The end of suffering and the default mode network

The science behind the non-existence of the self and Gary’s non-experience. … [click on title to read the post and view the video]


Radical ecopsychology. The human animal as part of the world around us.

As a species on the brink of many sorts of environmental disasters that threaten our world and our lives, we need an ecopsychology. We need it now. Consider this. … [click on title to read post]


Transformational healing in mental health. Let it be the norm.

It’s impossible to communicate hope if one is pessimistic. And this is the foundational problem with the mental health system and most mental health providers within that structure. Most do not know what is possible in terms of transformative healing and cannot help but perpetuate their pessimistic ignorance…it’s not even their fault. It simply is what is. (and I might add we are all guilty of this at one time or another because it’s part of being human…none of us know the full extent of what is possible in any given situation)

That said it lies among those of us who have experience with seeing people find profound healing to help others understand what might be possible so that chronicity among those labeled mentally ill doesn’t have to remain the norm. … [click on title to read post]


Send your love

Lyrics first, then the video below. Love this. The lyrics are great and it’s like the Police except techno (ish). Sting has always written lyrics that touch my soul. … [click on title to read post and see video]


Question from a reader: when were you able to start pushing again?

Question from a reader: Physically when were you able to start pushing yourself with regularity?
Answer: I don’t push. I practice not pushing. This seems to be a good way to live in general in order to stay healthy. But when you’re sick it’s critically important not to push. — Instead I gently lean against what might be called the edge. Pushing you fall over (and down)…leaning in a bit you can come back and rest and then go out again. It’s really important to learn this… Granted, I say practice because we all push on occasion. But if I push, I still pay for it…so I practice not pushing…like I said. I get better at it all the time. … [click on title to read the rest]


Raw, Open and Real: Moving From Traumatic Aloneness to Universal Oneness

“We don’t have many models for what it looks like to persevere on this healing journey and many stop prematurely. A crucial piece is the willingness to be present with our own pain. As humans it’s natural to want to avoid pain, but usually it’s the avoidance of pain that is more painful than the actual pain. That’s why support is so essential. The wound begins in relationship and the ultimate healing occurs in relationship as well.” … [click on title to read the rest]


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