Winter’s Return–literally and metaphorically

Accompanying my dark emotional “winter” has been the weather in our area. We live in the mountains. Spring had begun to burst through. Flowers were blossoming and the vibrantly green buds on trees were bursting open to a sea of green everywhere in the forest. The beautiful lightness of springtime was upon us. My spirits lifted with the green. I do not get depressed in winter, nonetheless, spring is a time of happiness. The green is always a source of joy for me after the starkness of winter.

Light frosts are normal at this time of year but over the Easter weekend we had a deep freeze. Temperatures got down to 16 degrees. All that was green turned brown. It is once again stark as winter. We are all worried about the trees. Will they come back? No one knows–this is unusual. The budding process starts many months before they open–can they possibly come back? Fruit farmers are asking that a national disaster be declared for the area. The trees will not bear fruit this year. What we don’t know is if that just means just for this season, or does that mean they will die? Trees need leaves to live. To get sustenance for the winter. This occurrence can be nothing but depressing for everyone who lives here.

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  1. I think you’re right Keener…nature is resilient and the poplars which took the worst hit seem to have small buds returning. Some plants will, however probably die and fruit crops for this year are decimated.

    I too worry about global warming and don’t believe it’s natural fluctuations. Have you seen Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth?” I recommend it.

    Nice to see you again. I’ve been reading you too, but haven’t left comments of late. Been too busy and just barely keeping up with reading the blogs I care about most. I have not left comments anywhere lately.

    Be well.

  2. Hey Gianna

    Sorry to hear this … it is depressing… Hopefully everything will just be a bit ‘late – ‘nature’ is very resilent..

    We (Uk) are having unusually hot weather for april – its like summer has arrived early… it really should be raining and a little bit ‘miserable’

    Strange…..scary… I wish I knew more about why this is happening – I suppose some will say global warming others will say natural variation … I feel an internet search cioming on!

    As always, warm wishes to you

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