PMS (PMDD??) for the last 16 days!!!

I’ve told you all on a few occasions now that in retrospect it seems I was diagnosed bipolar as a result of taking hallucinogenics while premenstrual. I get troubled when I’m premenstrual and the hallucinogens–well they made me psychotic in tandem with the hormonal stew I was in.

The last two months the “PMS” lasted two to three days into my menstrual flow–this seems the norm quite often now. That leaves me with less then two weeks “normal” time.

I was hopeful that my “holistic” psychiatrist had come on to something when she promised I would feel better once regulating my hormones which were (in her mind) out of whack due to a zinc deficiency and too high of a copper serum blood level. She was convinced that increasing my zinc intake and adding a bio-identical progesterone cream to balance the high estrogen (the copper according to her made my estrogen sky-rocket) would take care of all my symptoms. She stated this with complete and utter confidence. Forgive me, but I’m pissed off. I knew better than to trust her implicitly–but I’m human–I did hope for the best and I’ve become completely disillusioned and bitter.

Why do so many health practitioners and, in my case, psychiatrists in particular, make promises when they can’t possibly know the outcome. Screw her.

I’m not going to anymore medical professionals. I’m sticking to good old fashion therapy and learning how to cope. No more quick fixes. There are none. This takes psychological strength and coping skills and those take time. The issues that arise during the pre-menstrual phase are not delusional –they are real problems. The sticky part is that all the feelings get greatly exaggerated. But I’m quite sure with a good therapist to get at the root psychological issues the PMS would lighten up dramatically. I know I have psychological issues. It’s time to dig in. Hormones just make you more sensitive. If I heal my psyche, my PMS will improve as well.

I’ve got the good therapist.

12 thoughts on “PMS (PMDD??) for the last 16 days!!!

  1. Well I just got my first lupron shot this month and yes it solved my pmdd. Now I just have to worry about no sex drive ruining my love life and the constant headache, lets not forget the night sweats all night making it impossible to sleep. Now the estrogen begins to help with the night sweats and insomnia and next the nausea and bloating begins. So far what I am reading about hysters and ovary removal makes this low sex drive a walk in the park. Nothing like a life sentence of no desire or physical passion.
    So now I’m contemplating going on a benzo, maybe a valium xanax blend for those ridiculous drive your car into a wall pmdd days that are inevitable. Feeling hopeless, and sorry for myself. Well had to share in case some of you are thinking of lupron as an option. I cannot take the pill or antidepressants as I don’t tolerate them. Running out of options it seems. Sorry for the negativity……..


    1. Lupron is one of the nastiest drugs ever invented.
      You can choose to go natural.
      Benzos will only complicate matters.
      Sorry you’re suffering so much…there are lots of ways to balance hormones naturally but it takes lifestyle changes and discipline.


  2. I think doctors do tend to ignore this issue, almost as if it is some inconsequential problem that is to be expected, or that if it is severe, it must be due to some type of mental illness. They have been dismissive of my concerns too, even though it was very strongly correlated with hospitalizations and even suicide attempts. But in my experience, the PMS and PMDD questions are always ignored and brushed off as a joke.

    I have to wonder if it was a male problem, how much more serious attention it would get by researchers?


  3. Rachel,
    thanks for sharing your story. You know, I had a really really bad month this month and I’m not sure why, but in general I’m much better since I changed my diet and I take a PMS formula and some other key supplements. They all help both the withdrawals and (in general) the PMS too. This month was scary though.

    I realized yesterday I had accidentally stopped taking one of my key supplements. I’m hoping if I reinstate it will help out. Getting the right regime down is a bit of trial and error and lots of research.

    If you want to chat in email–my email is on the left right sidebar. This is an issue close to my heart right now.


  4. Hi there, thanks for the posts about pms. I feel good just reading and relating. For years I have been telling my docs that my bipolar symptoms are 100% worse during the pre menstrual phrase, and no one listens. Me too have been hospitalised, only to come on the following day. The non stop chatter box mind planning my suicide is my indicator that I am due on now. It took me quite a while to find the correlation though because as I said the docs just dismissed it and I thought I had lost it. I have been med free and they push me to take em but reading yours and others stories about how all the combinations really fuck you up *more* makes me think I am doing, have done the right thing. I cope the best I can, what a life….x


  5. I relate to this totally, have been Monday morning quarterbacking what *happened*
    (cough) during the onset of my own period last week and have been working on a post, but wondering if I’ll have the guts to tell the truth. Perhaps you have a gift for keeping people honest.


  6. I wish eliminating periods with bc pills was the answer, but they tend to make me crazy!! And I’m not the only one. BC pills lead to psych diagnosis sometimes.

    I’m entertaining hysterectomy since I also have endometriosis and intolerable pain at times. Yes, yes–I know that is extreme and brings on it’s own problems with lack of hormones.

    don’t know what the answer is.

    I didn’t have this problem when I was on 4 -11 mg of Risperdal–that raised prolactin levels stopped my period. Now what I’ve withdrawn….well here we go again. PMS and endometriosis.

    and you two are silly–I’m not saying I have THE good therapist…a good therapist in reference to the statement I made above that comment. I suppose you know that and are both giving me a bad time. I’m just taking things kinda literally as I’m tired and still feel shitty.
    cheers to y’all.


  7. I don’t understand why she wouldn’t give you the pill that stops menstruation for months at a time unless there are contraindications for you that I don’t know about. Some women swear by it. Not an issue for me in kidneypause, but eliiminating the PMS by eliminating your period makes more sense to me unless you are trying to get pregnant. Am I missing something?

    Anyway, whaddyamean you have THE good therapist? TMA and I have THE good therapists, you have to get in line .
    Yay for you Gianna to just work on the stuff, but if you can eliminate the periods, why not do it?


  8. “No more quick fixes. There are none.”

    AAAAAAAAAmen!!!!!!! but this PMS crap is way out of control here too, only in different ways.

    This is key right here:
    “The issues that arise during the pre-menstrual phase are not delusional –they are real problems. The sticky part is that all the feelings get greatly exaggerated. But I’m quite sure with a good therapist to get at the root psychological issues the PMS would lighten up dramatically.”

    I hope so. I really do. That’s what I’m working towards. I have to say, I think you’re right. It’s hard though, really hard.

    So you’ve got THE good therapist huh? Mine might be a runner-up.


  9. Quoting you:
    “No more quick fixes. There are none.”

    I amazed when I visit sites for people who have been screwed over by the mental health system. They continue to think that there is a pill out there somewhere for them….can’t say that I am any better….
    Hope springs eternal that the new practitioner will have a solution in the form of a pill.


  10. I had a therapist (Ph.D. psychologist who has a uterus;) recommend diurex, an over the counter diuretic for PMS. It works great for me. Her theory was that during pms women retain water which actually causes the brain to swell and put pressure on the brain causing mental and physical pms symptoms – while still we never become as irrational and physically and emotionally volatile as men;).


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