Friday fun

Good fun found at Psych Survivor a long time ago and now just rediscovered. I watched this a dozen times the first time I found it. It just made me HAPPY.

For the original source see here. It’s an actual office full of young people. I suppose this is all about vicarious pleasure—wouldn’t it be nice to have this youthful energy and enthusiasm.

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  1. Duane Sherry

    How cool is that!
    Haven’t worked full-time for a while – applied to Google – what a company – reminds me of this one.



  2. I love love love flagpole sitta, hell Harvey Danger generally.

    I am sure this is a web design company and I want to say they are related to Threadless or maybe Mule tee-shirts. Either way scout around the workers have done some great stuff in their free time, all sorts of vignettes


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