I stole this from Furious Seasons

Thanks Philip. A clip from Fox news on the dangers of antidepressants for young people. These symptoms however, less reported, are hardly unknown among adults as well.

Fox has done similar smaller pieces making the same suggestions. For a news station that I otherwise can’t stand they are being brave leaders with this topic. Unfortunately liberals are likely to dismiss this information simply because it comes from Fox.


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  1. Unfortunately, there is no message from Fox to look at. Just as well. Be that as it may my message, as someone who
    has gone through the drama of scz, is…get your hormones
    checked. I am not thinking about sex hormones either
    although they play a role in getting your ass in gear.
    I am thinking of epinephrine and cortisol. Little things
    like that. Wonder why you can’t do anything? Your exhausted
    adrenals are the answer. The things that exhaust your adrenals
    are anti-psych drugs and delusions. Anti-psych drugs are OK for the short term and thats about it.


  2. Thanks for letting me know. I don’t get that station and I really wanted to see the report. I read about it on Freedom Center news. They sure put that on you tube quick! Thanks again.

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