Holiday confession

Every Christmas my aunt gives us a HUGE basket full of homemade cookies and candy—really it’s enough stuff for a family of six and it’s just me and my husband. This is in spite of the fact that for several years now I’ve asked her not to. Last year I managed to give the whole basket away. This year my husband seems to want to keep them and told me he would hide them from me.

Keeping sugar hidden is not usually necessary. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I am lucky that way. It’s simply not, in general been difficult for me to skip sugar and refined grains. On the other hand we also virtually never have sugar in the house.

However, there is one candy/cookie concoction that my aunt makes that consists of flour, sugar and butter, chocolate chips, toffee chips, coconut, walnuts and sweetened condensed milk put in layers in a pan and baked. I don’t know why, since in general overly sweet foods turn me off, that these particular disgustingly sweet cookies are impossible for me to stay away from. So tonight my husband went to bed without hiding the cookies and I ate THREE of them! I did it conciously and deliberately. I ate them slowly and enjoyed every second. Hell, if I’m gonna do it I might as well enjoy it.

Tomorrow I will ask him to hide them. They are just too damn good. Not having anything of the sort in the house is really the best way to “stay clean” so to speak. I don’t even think of sugar if it’s not under my roof.

Happy Holidays!

**I wrote this last night. The cookies are still not hidden, but I have no desire for them. I got it out of my system. A cookie (or three) once in a blue moon —I’m not gonna sweat it.

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  1. Gianna,

    In the event you take a bite of a few cookies during the holidays –

    Two ‘Our Father’s’
    Three ‘Hail Mary’s’

    And take a big bite out of one for me.


  2. ama,
    You’re talking to a hardcore health food freak here! But thanks, I know it’s a small indiscretion by most people’s standards….oh how I love panettone. There are some things I truly miss!!

    Zoe, you must fill me in on these wholefood cookies you make. I’ve heard that coconut flour is excellent. Has a low glycemic rating and cooks much like flour. (I try to stay away from even whole wheat flour and stick with whole grains) I’m not familiar is xylitol….what is it? I use stevia very rarely simply because in general I don’t even want sweets. But I know I would make my husband happy if I made him stuff from time to time and I don’t because I don’t want stuff in the house. Your healthy cookies sound like a possibility.

  3. Good for you Gianna! I get round the odd cookie craving by baking my own, ultra healthy wholefood ones made with coconut oil and using xylitol or another ‘healthy’ sugar alternative.

  4. dude, three cookies are not confession material! 🙂

    i can eat, easily, a whole box of cookies, and feel queasy, and continue eating. when i say a whole box i mean, what? thirty cookies? now, that is confession material.

    oh, and the other day i ate a whole panettone by myself. let me amend that: the friend who brought it to me ate a sliver of it. i ate the rest. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    three cookies a week before christmas seems exactly what the doctor ordered to me!

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