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2. is risperdal safe for toddlers?

Response to these queries:

No Risperdal is not safe for toddlers. It shrinks the brains of adults. What do you think it might do to a developing brain? And while you’re asking about Risperdal the same is true for Seroquel, Zyprexa, Geodon, Abilify and any other atypical or typical antipsychotic (neuroleptic).

A toddler can be handled and should not be drugged into submission.

Brain shrinkage is just the beginning. Neuroleptics cause cognitive dysfunction, weight gain, diabetes and death up to 25 years sooner than the average life span. Don’t think about putting a developing baby/child/toddler on a neuroleptic.

There are alternatives. Start here. Join the support group and then don’t stop looking for alternatives. Don’t give up on your child.

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  1. oh yeah, when we get to the “smaller” side effects—I get that they are not small if you have them—there are countless possibilities. I only left a very small number of horrible “side effects.” Philip and Furious Seasons calls side effects something like “drug induced injuries.” I think INJURY is much more accurate.

    I’d like to see a psychiatrist put up with tremors for the rest of their lives while they are telling us it’s just a side effect we should get used to.



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