Chasing wireless signals

I’ve moved and I don’t yet have internet at home. The first few days I had access to a mystery public source of wireless and so I was lucky and got to use the internet comfortably at home. That signal disappeared a couple of days ago.

So now I am stuck going to cafes which in my compromised chronically fatigued state is rather difficult for me. Just now the cafe I was at connection went down. I was told by another customer that it is always unreliable. They directed me to the next nearest source—another cafe. I needed to come here to edit my last post and because I wanted to tell you I may simply not be online much until Tuesday evening when I will get internet in my home. I’m just too tired for the energy in cafes.

I will try to make it to a cafe at least once a day, but if I’m not responding to comments that is why. Also, because I don’t feel particularly comfortable in the cafes once I’m here I don’t stay long, so I may not answer as many comments and emails as usual or read as many blogs and make comments on those blogs as well.

Tuesday is my blog anniversary. It makes me want to cry. This has been a hell of a ride. In the event that I won’t be able to make an anniversary post I want to thank all of you for making this year so much better than it might have been. Connecting with people who know and understand has been my lifeline.

Thank you. I can’t believe I made it through the whole year. So many times I thought I would quit, but it’s always been you, my readers that keep me going at this creative and only productive process in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  1. Whoa! What an extraordinary list of achievements to have accomplished in just one calendar year.

    A Very Happy Anniversary, Gianna and BipolarBlast!

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary Gianna!!!

    Your blog has been a lifeline to me. Who knows how many countless others you have touched, who read your every word, but remain hidden from view. You are a true wise warrior and I congratulate you for your perseverance in your painful journey and the ability to share the best of who you are, which is one incredible person! I hope the internet connection goes smoothly. Your friend in PA,

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