Bipolar home test kit

What we’ve all been waiting for! NOT.

Dr. John Kelsoe has spent his career trying to identify the biological roots of bipolar disorder. In December, he announced he had discovered several gene mutations closely tied to the disease, also known as manic depression….

….The proliferation of these tests troubles many public health officials, medical ethicists and doctors. The tests receive almost no government oversight, even though many of them are being sold as tools for making serious medical decisions…..

….Kelsoe, 52, acknowledges that bipolar disorder probably results from a combination of genetic factors and life experiences, and that the presence of these gene variations does not at all mean that someone will, in fact, develop the disease. He admits, too, that his findings about the genetic basis of the illness are far from complete. (emphasis mine)

Who are the suckers buying this shit? If you’d like to be one order it over the internet for just $399.

I’m not good at articulating this sort of analysis (drug-fried brain) though I’m very clear in my gut that it’s just wrong wrong wrong. For what will most assuredly be excellent analysis visit Furious Seasons after spring break—rumor has it Philip will be dealing with this appropriately.

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  1. You will know Giannakali, you will. Only stay open for it. Only this week I began the study of the brain/gut connection, and it’s another eye opener. Leaving myself open to be informed “gifts” come every day.
    Being sick of the sickness lends itself to healing. Once you win that war, nothing will haunt or hurt you so, again ever!!


  2. Very scarey thought! As I told a new friend, several years ago, that I was bipolar, he stated, “we are all bipolar”. in that we all have highs and lows…
    I fully accept that, and as I began by journey into healing my highs became less high, my lows were far less low, I think more on par with “normal” life. A major adjustment, for myself, as I had NO clue what/who I was, as I had been medicated seemingly for so long. It was definatly challenging, but finally I have arrived, in that I usually let my body talk to me, and tell me what’s up. So, my kids and old friends have no clue to who I really am, nor I them, but hey that’s ok. I never was a “cookie cutter” type, and I’m betting you aren’t either.

    aloneness and abandonment
    are illusions
    that serve
    to wake you,
    to the Truth
    of Oneness
    and Love…

    To wake you
    to the Truth
    that you are
    always looked after,
    that you are
    always Loved,
    that you are
    not seperate
    not alone,
    not abandoned..

    To wake you
    to the Truth
    you are Love,

    [The Astroids]
    Love Makes The Worlds Go Round, the living planets speak, by Martin Lass

    I wanted to share this, as messages like this, kept coming to me, “gifts” that taught me, love, and forgiveness, and strenght. I pray the same for you, as you are infinate in love…. and healing.


  3. A note –

    For those who don’t know me –
    I am not a scientologist, and I’m not ‘anti-psychiatry.

    Small amts of ‘meds’ can be helpful for some who suffer from unbearable symptoms – in small amounts and/or for limited periods of time. They are even used in this manner by the most holistic practitioners – orthomolecular psychiatrists, for instance……

    The problem with these ‘biological theories’ is that are not true science – they are based upon scewed data, and have unpublished data (that has never seen the light of day). The research chairs who conduct the studies have been paid-off in many cases…….both sides of the aisle in Congress have been lobbied – and do what they have been ‘paid’ to do by Big Pharma – the FDA is no different – the only real client the FDA has is Big Pharma – not the American people.

    These ‘mental illnesses’ are political in nature, and often involved ‘concerned’ family members who want to make damned sure Uncle Joe is quiet at the next family get-together.

    I am not ‘against’ anyone who suffers who decides to take medicine – if it helps. The problem is that it may help for the short-term, and do tremendous damage in the long-run…..The other problem is that there is very little informed consent, not medical protocol to speak of to help people safely withdrawal…..

    Taking meds is a personal decision – it should be based upon facts, and it’s not. The facts are not communicated in far too m any cases……

    I’m passionate about this subject because I’m tired of the injury – tired of the death, and want to see it stop.


  4. I used to work with a guy who always said “I was born at night, but I wasn’t born LAST night’…..

    I love that expression!

    Troubles many “public health professionals, medical ethicists, and doctors”?


    They have been touting these same theories for years…..

    Translation – ‘with the home kit, many psychiatrists will soon be out of business…..with their subjective approach to managing ‘disease’…..

    Hopefully, people will begin to see this ‘chemical imbalance’ theory for what it is – an absolute SCAM – responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of us – some by suicide, others slowly – becoming zombies, drifting away emotionally and spritually…..loosing their own soul to these poisions…..

    I’m ready for a new day – a Reovery Model – with peers who help one-another – by an openness and willingness to search for answers, and a medical community that encourages such a journey – those in the field of ‘medicine’ who practice with a holitisc model – mind/body/spirit…..

    It’s on the horizon – it’s coming…..
    A myth cannot live forever…..


  5. ya know…when i was much younger and the world was a bit different…information-wise…i really wanted a test that would tell me if i had bipolar or not. i wanted it for my mother mostly. but i wanted it to…just be sure i had the right diagnosis. i was hoping some test would say i didn’t have it, because i couldn’t be like that horrible woman, that made every life she touched, a living hell. either way…mental health being one of the “invisible” diagnosis which fought so much stigma as if we were hypochondriacs or lazy. gosh if a test could have just said for sure.

    but now, with information being used the way it is…the thought of such a test existing is terrifying. the implications…catastrophic.

    what’s next…eugenics?

  6. Sounds like something out of a futuristic novel….

    I can just picture someone at Eckerd’s browsing all the testing kits they keep near the Pharmacy register…”Marijuana Testing Kit” “Pregnancy Kit” “Diabetis Test Kit” “Bipolar Test Kit” “Schizophrenic Test Kit” “Sucker Test Kit”….

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