A Guide for Therapists (and anyone interested in drug withdrawal)

I added a blog to my blogroll today called “Recovery from “schizophrenia” and “psychotic disorders.” It’s written by Ron Unger, a therapist who has also had a “psychotic” event of some sort that inspires his work.

He has a page on his blog that I want to call attention to that is written for clinicians, but can be of help to anyone who wants to come off drugs. “A Guide for Therapists in Helping Clients Get off Medication.”

Just a little more info to play with and a fresh perspective. Enjoy.

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  1. reading this was refreshing. i just want to print out many copies of this and hand them to some of my docs. i’d really like to mail it to the doc that slammed the door in my face when i asked him to help me at least have a drug holiday. if not get completely off the meds. he said it was medically irresponsible to help me stop my meds! i think it’s down right unethical to not help. believe me we had a go ’round before i walked out. i’ve lost patients too, so it’s not as if i’m not empathetic to the position he felt i was putting him in. but what could be a greater thing to experience than seeing a patient get well….and i want to say a getting well that doesn’t include drugs. but then he’d have to miss seeing my cheery, numbed out, stepford self every month! but hey, pharma being what it is, someone, several someones, would take my place in a heart beat…no big loss for him, really. i told my doc that if i took one of those questionaires “are you an alcoholic” and replaced the word alcohol with “meds”, i would have scored an overwhelming yes. the space meds have consumed in my life is crazier than my drinking ever was! all the time, i thought i was getting better…not! just another lamb going quietly to slaughter.

    i hope this information can get out, but i can understand why it’s such a threat to the system as it is. thank you for putting this out there. i’ve added a link at my site for this.

  2. Great find, Gianna!

    Ron Unger’s website has some very frightening material on it.

    Not least the studies which show that suicide amongst psychotic patients has soared since the earlier part of the last century.

    Specifically, since the use of neuroleptics, suicide amongst psychotics is now 20 times higher than it was before the First World War.

    Yet another Pyrrhic victory for Big Pharma and its rent-a-lie propagandists like Fuller Torrey, who conceal the stark realities.

    How fitting that many dub Psychiatry, the Industry of Death.

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