Frontline is re-airing “The Medicated Child”

Tomorrow night April 8th on most PBS stations. It’s a repulsive display of psychiatry gone mad on our children. If you missed it before and can’t see it tonight you can see it here.

John Breeding, psychologist extraordinaire, gives his analysis of the program in this youtube video.

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  1. Caroliine,
    I’m so sorry that you’ve had such a difficult young life.

    Can I suggest you help boost your child’s chances of success by eating super healthy while pregnant and then continuing to feed your child that way…

    No sugars, processed food, just whole, natural food.

    There is a lot of evidence that what you put in a child’s body effects their mental health.

    Have a happy, healthy pregnancy and baby…


  2. It scares me that people think like that (the couples and parents on the special) i recently found out i was pregnant. i had gotten pregnant a month after i had gone through my own withdrawl off of lamitctal, ppaxil, seroquel and klonopin, i was seeing this on TV and thinking “there’s just no f**king excuse… NONE!”.

    I too have been on med as a child, the ritalin, the depacote (when they started the whole “kids with bipolar” sales pitch) resperidal.. i went from an 80 pound 12 year old ritalin kid, to a 185 pound depacote kid in a little over a year while i was institutionalized for “Behavior problems”..

    it’s Too sick.. my body went through so much SHIT. I’m never going to lose the extra 30+ pounds that is awkwardly placed around my thighs, my sides and my lower back only, like a ring of fat pushing out of a too small pair of invisible underwear.

    I never graduated high school school either, not because of these so called “behavior problems” but because I was so sedated that i slept through years and years of school. by the time my medications were “balanced” (what a crock of shit) I didn’t understand what was going on in class, i had been passed by teachers who didn’t care if i should have been or not. I dropped out at 16.

    Now i’m 22, and the only emotional baggage i carry is anger and resentment towards the doctors, the nurses, the pharmceutical companies, the hospitals, the people who said they cared, told my mother they were doing their best… every single person who took part in that needless poisoning…

    My child won’t be put on drugs, i’ll find a way, any other way than that horrible route.

  3. such important information…i’ll look forward to watching this too. thanks for getting this out there!

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