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The Last Psychiatrist on academic moneys from pharma.

I don’t know if you all have followed the whole Harvard debacle involving Biederman the bipolar child God. I’ve been keeping and eye on Biederman and Harvard through Furious Seasons for a long time. This is a very interesting analysis of the situation.

And another scandal involving Lilly and the FDA from Pharmalot. Furious Seasons covers it here.

That’s all for now.

Things are chaotic and emotional at home with my husband leaving Thursday to be with his family. It’s a major bummer that I can’t be with him. His being with me when my brother was dying was so monumentally important—I hate not doing that for him with his mother. It breaks my heart.

We did do the final negotiations on the house though and all seems to be in the clear. It looks like we have a new house, though it won’t be official until August 11. I will be finishing providing documentation for our loan, packing, arranging for movers and then in the end closing the deal with the lawyers, realtors and the sellers. Never thought I’d buy a house alone!

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  1. Thanks for your blog. i dont get talking to people about my withdrawal from psych meds so it is very interesting to hear your story and also the links you provide. It is sad that your mother in law is so sick. I will think of you and your husband at this sad time. Best wishes on the withdrawal.

  2. Gianni,
    You are very flattering, but I do not yet have “a lot of people” reading my blog. I don’t think. I don’t get any stats.
    I’m writing on a brand new website. Just launched in April. We didn’t even have commenting until June. About five weeks ago. We’re all learning the ropes, including me, the moderators and the editors. All of us.
    I saw your comment. It was fine. I don’t understand why it wasn’t posted. I could have addressed the mistake myself. That was all it was.
    Bad eyesight. Especially without my new computer glasses.
    We live and learn. That’s all I can say. I’m sure the moderator did what he felt was in my best interests.
    I know no harm was meant.
    It was my mistake and it had nothing to do with your insights and your experiences. I’m just acquainting myself with your writing in more depth.
    I’m glad you wrote in and explained how you felt. I
    That’s what blogging is all about. Visceral honesty.
    I will miss your comments. So will my readers.

  3. Well Sandy,
    moderation is not all bad…I do moderation too…
    I simply didn’t understand why what I said was not accepted…like I said to your moderator…I was simply seeking transparency about a mistake that has now been corrected but a lot of people read it and thought it was to me when it wasn’t…

    now none of those people will ever know it was a mistake.

  4. Sandy,
    Don’t worry…my husband is leaving the country to go to his home where his mother is dying. He will be there until she does…in that time we are closing on a house…

    I did not experience you as insensitive…but I appreciate your concern…

    It is indeed very stressful and I’m a bit afraid to be alone right now…but that is only in this moment and this moment will pass. I was fine a few hours ago…I’m sure you know how that goes…

    don’t worry, okay?

  5. Gianni,

    I understand how you feel about the moderation. I’m not crazy about it either, but I have no choice.

    I knew none of this when I signed on to do this blog. Nor did my editor, who is also new to The Toronto Star.

    I have subscribed to your blog and get it in my mailbox when it is posted. I will continue to read you as I have found what I’ve read, so far, fascinating, candid, insightful and provocative. I’ll miss your comments on mine.

    Be well.

  6. I am still getting to know you, Gianni.

    Is your husband gone for an extended period of time? Is he far away? Is that why you’re buying your house “alone”?

    I am terribly sorry, if I seem to have trivialized what appears to be a dire situation with your mother-in-law and I send you my profound sympathy. Only after rereading this post and the other comments, did it seem to make sense. I’m still not sure what has happened but as I explore your blog, I hope it will all fall into place.

    Forgive my ignorance and insensitivity. Please.

  7. Sandy,
    I appreciate the explanation, but I won’t be leaving comments on your blog anymore…I don’t like being moderated when I’ve said absolutely nothing inappropriate and wanted something clarified and wasn’t allowed to do that.

    thanks for explaining the situation.

    The quilt patterns are computer generated…I don’t do anything! WordPress does…I’m glad you like them.

  8. Hi Gianni,
    I hope all goes swimmingly with the final dotting of “i’s” and crossing of “t’s” with your new house. How exciting. I hope your husband is home soon to help you with all the work of packing, moving and unpacking.

    I want to tell you something… and this is appropos of nothing… but I want you to understand the difference between a personal blog and a newspaper blog.

    At my blog, at The Toronto Star, we have moderators who post all comments. In fact, they see all comments, before I do. It seems I mistakenly addressed a response to you instead of another reader. My mistake entirely. Your name is printed in bright blue because you have a URL. Her name was almost imperceptible because she does not. Don’t ask me why this happens. Your blog is so much easier to navigate but the design of my blog has nothing to do with me.

    (By the way, I adore the logos you assign to your readers. Do you design them yourself?)

    Also, I wasn’t wearing my new computer glasses when I was working this morning. Another mistake. I make so many. They’re my best teachers.

    Anyway, I just found out about it when the moderator emailed me a few minutes ago and apprised me of your correction in your comment. He simply changed the salutation in my blog.

    Because of a variety of issues, including legal ones, we’re moderated. A comment is never changed. But in this case, my mistake was corrected and your correction will probably not see the light of day. I never even saw it, myself.

    I hope you will understand why this happened. And I am mentioning it here because to address it on my blog, now, will not make any sense.

    Thanks, in advance, for understanding. I used to have a personal blog, but about two weeks after I launched it, The Star asked me to blog for them. I don’t have the time to keep up two blogs at once, and since I’m so new to blogging, I have to focus on this one. I am not very good at blogging yet.

    Take care.

  9. Gianna,
    That’s great news about the house! And please express my condolences to your husband. Having recently been through all this, I know how sad and difficult it is.

    Doing all the last minute stuff on the house is a challenge, but I’m thinking there’s never been a better time for you to do it. If you think about how poorly you were feeling a month ago (with good moments or days interspersed), it’s really quite amazing that you’re going to be able to do all this…alone. That’s sure something to be grateful for!


  10. Sorry to hear you are in a rough spot, relationship-wise…
    I am strangely feeling quite benign & neutral about my own situation (just got off the phone w/ex-SIL, ha ha, need to blog about it!) – but it’s a far far better place than being continually anxious & upset about it!

  11. Yeah,
    DBSA is heavily pharma funded. Some people find them helpful, but I personally wouldn’t want to have anything to do with them…

    I’m not particularly into groups but there are a couple of options. One is too look into The Icarus Project and see if you’re interested in starting a support group of that nature…you can check out their website they have a few meetings around the country but not too many…but are looking to expand:

    The other non-pharma oriented group that helps a lot of people and is radically different from Icarus, is Recovery Inc. You may find that there is already one in your area. They have chapters all over the United States. It’s not just for bipolar or even those with strict diagnosis, it’s for anyone who wants to learn coping skills. I found the methodology really awesome and powerful….but just as a warning the literature is terribly outdated and I actually found it offensive… I find the doctor who started the program terribly condescending, nonetheless his methods work beautifully.

    Hope that helps!

  12. Were you aware Biederman is on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance(DBSA).That fact plus a few more observations in regards to their advocacy and set up has soured my evaluation of their motives of “support”.Has anyone had experience with this group?A friend of mine wants to set up a chapter here and I checking it out for him,I somehow feel there are better alternatives.Any suggestions?

  13. Hey, Gianna…great new about the house!
    I’m sorry you feel so badly about not being able to be there for your husband…that’s hard. *hugs* to you!

  14. Hi Gianna,
    This is going to be short because I responded at length to your wonderful comment on my blog and it’s getting late here in Eastern Daylight Savings Time.
    I just wanted you to know how thrilled I was to hear from you, how honoured, and I have spent the last 10 minutes examining your blog and reading about you.
    One quick thought before I go to bed…appropos of something I read somewhere here. To my husband, who is 13 years older than me, I am always his “child bride.”
    On our first date nine years ago, he referred to me as “a young lady.” I was 50. Suddenly, I realized, maybe this age difference, which really is just a few numbers, is a good thing.
    Anyway, sleep tight. My comment to you won’t be posted until tomorrow because newspaper blogs work a little differently than personal blogs. More slowly sometimes. So please be patient and I look forward to continuing our dialogue and the discussion. We actually have a great deal in common!
    Cheers, many thanks for reaching out to me, and sleep tight!

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