Medicare Part D a boon for drug companies

Yeah the pharmaceutical companies are making a killing and we’re still suffereing. Hundreds of thousands of Medicare recipients hit the “donut hole” where they become responsible for the next $3,000 dollars worth of medications. More coverage at Pharmalot.

I wrote a few days ago that GSK would be paying for my drugs. Well, it turns out we made about $500 too much last year. So I have to come up with the cash after all. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be off drugs next year before the “donut hole” hits again. Damn euphemism…it sounds so cute and innocent doesn’t it?

It’s a sickening racket. I hate capitalism.

2 thoughts on “Medicare Part D a boon for drug companies

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  1. When I was taking all seven of my drugs the cost was well over $1500 a month…but I did qualify for help then.

    Now I don’t and the tapering is actually very expensive because I have to buy multiple doses of the drugs and lots of them…in order to get the right small tapers…oh…it’s too confusing to explain…I’m so tired right now…

    was up until 2 am this morning packing. and today I’ve been busy all day too…

    not used to this routine!!

    thanks for stopping by Shelby, always love to hear from you.


  2. Before my insurance covered any meds I spent a fortune on psyche meds”” Sometimes $ 500 or more a month.How did I afford it?? Did get lots of samples-baggies full sometimes when ever a new and better anti-depressant/anti-psychotic came on the market.

    The drug reps were lined up in my psychiatrist’s office every time I had an appointment.They gave out fancy pens, paper weights, clocks, note pads,whatever with their pharmaceutical name written all over each item in bright colors.They treated the staff to expensive catered lunches as they told the doctors how wonderful each new drug was.Big Pharma loved to send very attractive women reps to the male doctors.

    I was able to get most of my pharmacy records and it was an eye opener for sure.No one told later those nice wonderful drugs would make me critically ill and the ER docs assumed I was just a mental case wanting attention.



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