A man’s recovery and discovery of self-empowerment

My husband left today for at least 2 weeks and possibly more. Don’t know that I’ll be writing much or reading blogs too much in the next couple of weeks. I have lots more responsibilities than usual.

I got a ton of boxes today and will start packing tomorrow. Plan to do a bit each day. I’m also meeting with a painting contractor tomorrow.

My period is almost a week late. My PMS is nasty. I will be, without doubt, sick somewhere in the next several days with endometriosis as well.

I may have more time than I think, I’m just not sure. It really depends how much energy I have to do the packing.

So for now enjoy this inspiring story. Be well everyone.

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  1. Gianna,

    That was extremely motivating. I also read Kim’s story on your blog last night and am certain I want off the meds the right way so that I can stay off this time! Unbelievable how we are duped into believing that we need all of these hard-core drugs in order to function normally when really they are undermining our ability to function!

    Good luck with the packing. Sorry about the PMS and I hope that the endometriosis isn’t too bad.

    Thanks for sharing the video.


  2. Gianna,
    All my best to your husband and his family during this very difficult time. I agree with Deborah in terms of best wishes for packing and organizing. I just read in my book The Healer Within that massage has proven to be effective in reducing PMS. When I can find the book, I’m doing a little cleaning myself, I’ll send you the citation!


  3. I loved this video. I really love hearing these stories. It’s so moving to me. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Duane, Texas accents are my absolute favorite! They make my knees weaken! (I loved his NY accent too!).

  4. Gianna,

    This guy’s a straight-shooter.
    People make fun of my Texas accent….
    I gotta say, I like this guy’s NY accent!

    And, I really love the way he gets right to the heart of things!

    Good stuff!!!


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