Pushing drugs pharma style

From America Public Media Radio the program The Story:

Shahram Ahari believes that the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and doctors can compromise the health of patients. Shahram knows what he’s talking about: he was a drug rep with Eli Lilly, where he learned how to entice doctors with gifts, slanted statistics, and psychological profiles. He even earned the nickname “safe cracker” for getting into the offices of doctors who avoided sales people like him.

Shahram tells Dick Gordon why his selling techniques worked. He also recounts the crisis of conscience that led to his quitting the industry.

For the program about the drug rep the audio is here.

As a teaser expect details about just how manipulative these charming, good-looking, salespeople are. This pharma rep still believes some of the shit he was selling—like depression and schizophrenia being life-long diseases, he did come to realize that what he was doing was sleazy, or at least realized it wasn’t ethical.

Unfortunately, I still found the coolness of that guy disturbing even now…like did he ever totally get it?

Thanks to one of my readers for this radio piece.

A youtube video with the same slimy drug rep. He was so calculating it’s hard to let him off the hook:

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  1. I didn’t see that Dateline but I know Neurontin was pushed fraudulently on tons of people and that lots of docs still don’t know…that is the real scary thing….they don’t even try to stay up to date on this shit….

    yeah, I was on a ton of neurontin at one time too….

  2. Did you see the Dateline story a while back on pharma sales reps who pushed Neurotin for all sorts of off-label uses it was never intended for?

    Having taken it myself (and together with Depakote, gained a TON of weight), it just chilled me to the bone.

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