All the more reason to eat organic

Whatever control there was on amounts of pesiticides on fruits and veggies has come to an end. The Chicago Tribune reports that the Bush Administration has killed a pesticide testing program.

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  1. well, I’ve enjoyed your particular style, Mr. Random and have been reading your blog regularly…

    Yeah, I saw some documentary about Kellog’s craziness…so I feel for you!

    one thing I would say is that mental illness on this blog is really about those of us who are often disenfranchised and victimized and subject to human rights violations…those of us who are LABELED

    the kind of mental illness you mention is much greater and a societal and human problem—of course those of us who get labeled are part of the big picture there…

    society is insane in any case…ugh…I can’t think right now…I’m actually quite sick and my brain is really not working…

    I may need to take a break from the blog for a while…

    in any case, it’s nice to see you here.

  2. No, your response is fine, and I didn’t mean to imply (my carelessness, not your fault) that I thought you were implying anything silly or superficial about nutrition. It is important, and we (my wife and I) try to eat well, grow some of our own food, and our family tries to feed our granddaughter well and teach her about nutrition.

    My family were, to put it bluntly, kind of whackos. My grandfather was a dentist who became a naturopath and gave his family (and much of Chicago) enemas (following one of the Kellog family’s obsessions). My grandmother was probably a serious narcissistic personality and I think she turned my father into something of a monster.

    At the height of the polio epidemic, my siblings and I were not vaccinated. I consider that as playing Russian roulette with our health. Well, none of us got polio, so who knows.

    It’s just a sore point with me, so I post sarcastic messages to get my yaya’s out.

    I find your blog quite interesting and I admire your courage and determination in strugglign with difficult issues and challenges. As you’ve read my blog, you know that I express myself in a peculiar style, so as my wife my say, “Don’t mind him; he has no manners; I can’t take him anywhere.”

  3. Hi Mr. Random…
    nice to see you here…
    If I understand you, and I may not, but I think you’re assuming I think nutrition is all there is to mental health which is not at all the case..

    family dynamics, and all sorts of psycho/social/spiritual stuff comes in to play as well and all those things are given voice on this blog at various times.

    nutrition is just one piece of the puzzle and in some instances for some people it is not a key part of the puzzle…it may play a very small role in the life of someone with severe trauma for example..

    anyway…not going to go deeply into my extremely multi-faceted ideas about what causes mental health problems now…but I certainly don’t think it’s just nutrition…and like I said there are lots of posts on all sorts of ideas around the causation of mental distress on this blog.

    I read Denial of Death years ago and loved it though I don’t remember it at all anymore…I did not know the author died young…my brother died at 48 a year ago from colon cancer…

    anyway…I’m not sure I responded to your concern or not…

  4. I have read bits and pieces of your blog in an unsystematic way. These are some unsystematic and incoherent set of responses.

    The comments about diet and other essentials of good health as necessary to mental health and healing of mental illness are probably good points. They also tick me off a bit.

    My parents and grandparents were early zealots of organic gardening and other types of alternative health. They were also quite mentally unhealthy people in a number of respects.

    So there are other factors that need to be taken into account.
    In my family, certain destructive behavioral and character traits tended to be handed down from generation to generation. My wife (who comes from a family background probably as messed up as mine) and I tried to raise a child who was healthier and better adjusted than we were. I think we had some success.

    My daughter now has a relationship with another woman who has a child by artificial insemination. We are watching that child grow up with interest. Watching a child’s personality being formed is a fascinating and frightening process.
    Some (not very coherent) writers who have influenced me and are influencing me include:

    Science fiction writer Philip K. Dick. I think he predicted (with frightening insight) the crazy, drug-self dosing society we now see developing around us.

    Ben Kiernan, author of Blood and Soil: A World History of Genocide and Extermination from Sparta to Darfur. Mental health is not just an issue of individuals. I suspect that societies can become mentally ill, and genocide, a frequent phenomenon in human history, is perhaps the worst example of group mental illness we can encounter.

    Ernst Becker, author of Denial of Death. Becker, an anthropologist-Renaissance Man who died tragically young of colon cancer, argues that much of human pathological behavior (and I would throw genocide in here) is not just a “mental health” problem but an existential problem related to human beings being unable to accept their own mortality.

  5. There is a war on food being fought globally. Google Codex Alimentarius for a real scare. The GMO crops will soon supplant much of the Earth’s natural food supply. Supplaments are being banned (or require prescriptions) in many countries. The pollutants in the aquifers and ground water are destroying the soil. The chem trail spraying is also rendering the soil unfit for non-GMO seeds. Many terminator GMO seeds have been planted in the West and are carried across the county by the winds. We are at war for our health.

  6. Bush disgusts me. I tried to have an organic garden this summer but it was too rainy and everything rotted. I got 1 zucchini 2 cukes and 2 tomatoes…….

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