until then, maintain your faith: inner strength for troubling times

I’m posting the first paragraph of the poet, Rachel Snyder, who I’ve highlighted here a couple of times now…to read the rest of the poem go to her blog. She is awesomely inspiring and seems to know something about the roads we tread.

When times are unsettled,
There is no place to go but deeper, and deeper still
You must excavate and as you do,
calcified residue of old ways will be thrown up in your face
You will taste it on your lips and gag as you swallow more than you want to
And then, after what feels like an eternity
You will feel a new radiance rise up in place of the old.

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  1. Rachel,
    what I think is so wonderful is that your writing makes it patently clear that we are all human, struggling to become whole…the whole psychiatric label business is a scam….

    it’s utterly obvious that your experience informs ours…and it’s simply because we are all the same, giving us plenty of evidence to allow us to shed our labels and join the human race.

    many of us with labels like to imagine we are, oh so painfully different from everyone else…that is delusion and lies fed to us by pharma for profit….

  2. thanks, giannakali, for sharing my work (again). This path of personal healing and integration is familiar to many of us – regardless of the specific form and expression it may take. Beyond meds, beyond pain, beyond oppression, beyond trauma, beyond illusion, beyond hypnosis, beyond the veil, beyond perceived limitations of body, mind, and soul: At the core, it’s all the same, eh? much love to you…

  3. a friend just sent me the last part of this poem, alone in an email…

    Link arms with the legions of others
    who are seeking you out even as you feel alone and misunderstood

    Like you, they wait impatiently to welcome in a nascent breeze of fresh becoming

    Feel it wafting around their upturned faces

    with the promise of an imminent and lasting peace

    Until then, maintain your faith.

    My god, isn’t that what we’re all doing??

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