World AIDS day Dec 1 2008 — The world comes together

Stop AIDS. Keep the promise.

In memory of my dear friends and clients. Let’s end the pandemic.

Note: the link that “dear friends” takes you to is a post I wrote in memory of one of my close childhood friends who was the first person I knew who died of AIDS. His life and death led me to work in HIV and AIDS for 4 years. This is an issue that remains near and dear to my heart.

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  1. I have been involved raising money and hosting fund raisers since 1994. The video The World Comes not just a video to look at. When we were making the video I wanted to show that when everyone comes together we all can make a difference. We must teach our children they will be making life and death choices in their lives. Keep sounding the message keep hope and your faith alive and we will beat hiv-aids

  2. My uncle died of complications due to AIDS (no one really dies FROM AIDS) back in the early ’90s, which has left a significant sympathetic leaning in me to assist in eradicating this terrible disease. I won’t be taking part in AIDS Walk this year but I hope to in 2010. It’s tough to raise money for this because it also raises money for the GMHC (Gay Men’s Health Center), which causes a lot of my friends (churchgoing people) to give it pause. But AIDS is not a gay disease; it’s a disease that can affect anyone–the victims and their families.

    Thanks, G.

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