More unused footage from “Take these broken wings” (MUST SEE INFO ABOUT HEALING FROM PSYCHOSIS)

This critique of conventional, medical treatments for schizophrenia—and an analysis of the negative effects of Big Pharma—is from unused interview footage from Take These Broken Wings, a 75-minute documentary on recovery from schizophrenia without medicatio. I recorded over seventeen hours of interviews for the film—and wish to make public as much of it as possible, as I feel it can be very useful to people.

Buy the movie here. I highly recommend it!

Some of the world-class experts represented in this YouTube video:

Joanne Greenberg, best-selling author of I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, recovered from schizophrenia for over fifty years

Robert Whitaker, journalist, author of Mad in America

Peter Breggin, MD, radical psychiatrist and author of Toxic Psychiatry

Bertram Karon, PhD, psychologist, therapist, and author of The Psychotherapy of Schizophrenia

Daniel Dorman, MD, psychiatrist, author of Dantes Cure

Danielle Knafo, PhD, psychologist, author of Living With Terror, Working With Trauma

Ann-Louise Silver, MD, psychiatrist, editor, Psychoanalysis and Psychosis

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