Vintage drug ads: before ADHD, there was MBD

An email sent out by the venerable Dr. Bonkers:

The Institute for Nearly Genuine Research announces two exciting new additions to our Marvelous Mental Medicine Show online gallery of psychiatric drug advertising. One is a 7-page ad for Ritalin; the other is a 9-page ad for Cylert. Both advertisements sell the idea that Minimal Brain Dysfunction is a child disease to be treated with stimulant medication.

In each case, we’ve compressed a multi-page ad into a single image, so our web page takes a few seconds to download, but it’s worth the wait. These vintage ads are classic examples of Big Pharma disease-mongering at its finest.

Step right up! See the birth of a discrete disease entity before your very eyes!

1970 Ritalin advertisement: The mean child who doesn’t mean it.

1975 Cylert advertisement: He can’t help it. He has MBD.

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