Take a survey to let NAMI know what you think of their pharma funding

You can take a 10 minute survey and tell NAMI what you think about them. It's looking specifically at the issue around it's being funded heavily by pharma. Have at them. Hat tip: Furious Seasons

Private life of a cat

The private life of cats. There is no sound and it’s a 22 minute video but well worth the time. https://youtu.be/_6e1O_NtK24 Private Life of a Cat is an intimate observation of two cats- originally created by Alexander Hammid, in 1947 (on 16mm B/W film, as a silent movie). It stars a male cat (the white... Continue Reading →

My quote for the day

It is equally coercive to tell someone who feels they need relief through medication, and cannot currently fathom or access other means of relief, that they cannot take meds as it is to force meds on one who does not want them. As soon as the option of choice is removed so is self-determination. We... Continue Reading →

Why am I so Mad? — by S. Chris Vogt

Why am I so mad? -- by Chris Vogt A nine year journey through the psychiatric system and complex discursive formulations saw this researcher go from paralyzed ‘patient’ to dissatisfied ‘consumer’ to a new phase of anger/ disbelief in coming to terms with his ‘survival’ of the psychiatrization process. This paper combines auto-ethnography, to show... Continue Reading →

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