NYC Area – Video Project Seeking People Who Came Off Meds / Harm Reduction For Interviews

Please pass this on to your networks: Hi folks, I am helping Daniel Mackler, filmmaker of "Take These Broken Wings," put together a short, simple video based on the Harm Reduction Guide To Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs, to be distributed freely through Youtube etc. We're looking for people in New York City or nearby for... Continue Reading →

Neuroleptics for everyone

Satire by the gifted psychiatrist and scientist, turned poet: Grace Jackson MD Neuroleptics for Everyone A disturbing American notion Is the thought of a magical potion Which improves every brain Or cures all the insane whether tablet or liquid or lotion Though the drugs which were named “neuroleptic” Are more apt to make men apoplectic... Continue Reading →

Us and them, good and bad…

We all love the struggle between good (us) and evil (them). It is, in its own way, deeply satisfying. Think of the plots of the James Bond films, the Star Wars films, the Indiana Jones films. In such movies, it’s quite obvious who the bad guys are. Caricatures of evil, they are ruthless, maniacal, without... Continue Reading →

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